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The Savannah Cat is a elegant and whimsical feline, that is a blend of wild and tame, exotic and domestic, cat and serval. A touch of the untouchable.

Savannahs are NOT wild animals that have been domesticated, they are domestic pets.

Wyldthingz is located 1 hour north of San Francisco and two hour from Sacramento, in our little wild corner where our cats have room to romp and play. Quality and not quantity is our goal at Wydthingz.

We specialize in well rounded, TICA registered Savannah cats and Savannah Kittens since 2004. Our litters or limited so that each kitten is treated as part of the family, handled daily by children, exposed to other pets, and the the normal activities of our home. This ensures that Wyldthing kittens are certain to adjust well with any new situation and bond easily with their new families.

Show and Breeding cats available occasionally, Black Spotted "golden", Melanistic, and Silver, and Smoke Savannah cats, sometimes with the distinctive black noses of the serval. F7- F2.

I am proud to say that Wyldthingz cats and Wyldthingz progeny has contributed to many of the top show Savannahs for 2012 to present. It just demonstates that bigger is not always better.

Please check the kitten link for current kittens available. I update photos often, all available kittens are posted.

Frequently Asked Questions...

The Savannah cat was developed using crosses with Bengal, Oriental shorthair, Egyptian Mau, and spotted Domestic shorthair cat with the African serval. The goal is to retain the lovely qualites of the serval, but in a smaller package. Savannah cats are not necessarly a HUGE cat. Some of my savannahs are large, however I make no promises for size. Savannahs are intelligent, adventurous, play fetch, like water, and definately eye catching. In 2004, I fell in love with both the Savannah’s looks and confident nature. I found a cat that was a social as a dog and wouldn’t be daunted by our active home. They are only wild "looking" but very much house pets and should be kept indoors. We breed F2 through F7sbt.

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