F2B Kitten

Gloriyah and Smoki Baby

DOB: 12/5/17


silver spotted girl LENA

She has pretty spotting and a wide serval-like facial features.

Right now, she is really fuzzy that makes her pattern hard to distinquish.

AVAILABLE $6000 Pet/Breeder price- includes shipping




Kittens come with Vaccines, Worming, and Spay and Neuter option for older kits.

• Pet prices are ususally posted. Breeder quality kitten are determined at 5 or more weeks

• Show quality kittens can only be determined after a kitten is shown at least once - not all "show quality kittens" will have the temperament to enjoy being shown.

• Kittens are available at 10 weeks old for local pickup and 12 weeks for air transport. Shipping within the US and Canada

(Some generations of savannahs are not legal in some states so please check local laws)

For further information, Please Contact Kelly Sheppard : 707.315.8619