F2 Silver Girls....

IVY & Vishnu (V is not posted yet)

DOB: May 3rd 2019

****$6500 Each****

Asteria- Silver Female- AVAILABLE

Silver beauty with a nice ear set already and elegant servally spotting that will clear as she ages.


Maliem- Silver Female- AVAILABLE

Silver beauty, the largest of the litter.

• Pet prices are ususally posted. Breeder quality kitten are determined at 5 or more weeks

• Show quality kittens can only be determined after a kitten is shown at least once - not all "show quality kittens" will have the temperament to enjoy being shown.

• Kittens are available at 10 weeks old for local pickup and 12 weeks for air transport. Shipping within the US and Canada

(Some generations of savannahs are not legal in some states so please check local laws)

For further information, Please Contact Kelly Sheppard : 707.315.8619