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QGCh Kirembo's Mukihondi Bayo

"Mukee" F5sbt


Mukihondi Bayo means "tiny dancer". She is definitely that and an all around clown and acrobat.

She is top of list of one of my favorite Savannahs ever and we enjoy her charm and beauty.

She is more like a "muse" than a cat.

She is a pleasure to show and was complimented on her lovely calm yet animated attitude in the show right which she gets from her lovely mother, Thandi.

She is now earned her TICA Quadruple Grand Champion and retired from showing to be a mother.

Her daughter is the first Female Savannah to earn the title of Supreme Grand Champion. She is pictured on Show page.

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Bird is a Mukee daughter (above) from our Simplyspots boy Shadrak.

She not only carries for melanistic (black) but also for the coveted black nose.

Bird is a very entertaining girl that has lots of servally traits and behaviors and stunning good looks.

These traits she will carry on to her future kittens.









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