boys Daisy F1 Fiji - F2b Pele Mukee Elixer

OCELI MAYA OF WYLDTHINGZ- Coowned with Linda Wasson

Maya is a high % F1 that produces outstanding kittens consistently.

WESA POISON IVY of Wyldthingz

Ivy is probably one of the sweetest F1s I have owned in my 13 plus years of breeding. Her kittens have great temperments and personalities.



I admired Graffiti since she was a small kitten. As a lover of silvers, she is among the loveliest

silver Savannahs and likewise produced equally lovely, sweet natured, & large F2s which I have been lucky to own 3 over the years.

I was thrilled when Jennifer Gray her breeder/owner allowed me to take her. Her blood-lines are few as Jennifer only produced a few F1s from her serval.




Amazinggrace Zooma & Solomon (Serval)

Miss Daisy was like no other creature I have known. She was a "high percentage" F1 Savannah. Her mother was an F2, her father, a serval. Daisy was a like a little serval yet she was very domestic in many ways. She was one the sweetest, silliest cats I have known. I was very blessed to have owned such a special creature. Sadly, Daisy popped out a screen in our home. She wandered off on what to her was like a great adventure. Similar to all higher generation Savannahs, she wandered too far, and became lost to me. I eventually found her weeks later but not alive. She was reported to have been seen hit by a car a week prior so I searched the area. I found what little remained of her there. Still a lot of her will always remain in our hearts and in our memories. Rest in Peace Daisy.

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