Jovi - f4b Confetti Fiji - F2b Archie - F4b Malakai - F7c Violet - F1 Kittens available


WYLDTHINGZ Holismokes Batman "Smoki" F6 smoke

Smoki is just the bomb and the sweetest boy. He is from my early breeding and is one of a kind. This boy is irreplacable and has sired some of my awesome silvers.



Bodhicats Vishu- SILVER F6sbt

This boy is lots of my breeding behind him and is amazingly sweet , large, and has fabulous type. I am pleased to have him in my program. He was shown and owned by Sofia Kirk of Bodicats, his dam in my girl Dharma who can be seen in my show section. Thank you Sofia for letting me have him. I am honored.


KC Kitties Eros- F6 brown spotted male

I love this boy! He produces such gorgeous kittens with crazy contrast and he can just hang out with kittens and I never have to worry about him getting rough. He is just a prince.



WYLDTHINGZ Zakwani of Kirembo F6sbt- RETIRED :)

Wyldthingz SpyderMonkey F5c & Halestone's Magnetic F7c




I am very proud of my home bred fellow that is co-owned by Brigitte Cowell of Kirembo's Savannahs in San Francisco. Zak will make his way up and down the California sea board to produce more lovely babies for Wyldthingz, Brigitte, and Kristine of Gattobello.

He is everything in one cat. Sweet, lovely, big ears, and nice leg length and of course, his stunning servally looking black nose.

Photograph compliments of Kirembo Savannahs.





Wyldthingz Akoto is a Zak son from Fuzionkatz Meouse, silver F7SBT

He is all legs and ears. He is named after the powerful and mythical, Lord Akoto, the boar God in Princess Mononoke.


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