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....Brags for 2015....

RW SGC Exotictails Lizard of Wyldthings - The FIRST ever silver Savannah to earn a supreme, earned in less than 4 shows,

2015 Best Silver Spotted Savannah, 3rd Best Savannah of the year.


RW SGM Beanie Baby- Straight-coat Selkirk HHP catagory. 2015 10th Best House Hold Pet Adult (owner Jori Sheppard)



RW QGC Kitti Kat Peanut Butter Pizazz- 2015 2nd Best Brown Mac Selkirk Rex Longhair

(owner Regina Sheppard)


RW SGC Kirembo Azikiwe Obi - AKA "Zombie". 2015 Best Savannah Alter and Supreme Grand Champion

Although I am not Zombie's breeder, our Co-own boy Wyldthingz Zakawi is his father. Kelly Anne is an amazing person and she could not be more deserving of this boy and he of her. Congrats Kelly Anne Bennett!!!


RW Wyldthingz Dharma of Bodicats owned by Sophia Kirk-

This is a silver version of Bezus owned and showed by Sophia. She is now retired from showing and currently a momma cat in Sophia's program.


RW SGC Wyldthingz Bezus- 2013 2nd Best Savannah Cat-

She was the first EVER female Savannah to earn a Supreme Grand Champion which she did in minimal shows, including major International shows like Portland with high cat counts. She was the first every Savannah to get a final at an TICA annual as a kitten. Best of all, she was a joy to show, and travel with and often flirted with the public, large and small alike. She was an amazing representative of the breed all around. I miss her dearly.



For further information, Please Contact Kelly Sheppard : (707) 315-8619